Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things I like whether they cause cancer or not

Inspired by Gwen:
  • breathing
  • focused conversation when at least one party tries to understand more
  • Matryoshka dolls nest, one inside another, etc...failing to find the end of a conversation for good reasons, e.g.
    • spawning new converations
    • matryoshka-doll-like complexity
  • music and other art soul-to-soul
  • how big my home planet is
  • brevity
  • clarity
  • accuracy
  • trying for all three no matter how impossible
  • five senses
  • ten fingers
  • two hands
  • the company of children
  • the company of women
  • I like my coffee:
    • strong and creamy
    • great smelling
    • savored patiently
    • at time very hot, at times very chilled
    • the option to bottle for later
  • making a person laugh
  • making a person think
  • making a woman come
  • the universe's patience
  • discovering new delusions
  • irony
  • meditation
  • building
  • figuring things out
  • inventing memes
  • Arrowhead Mills brand tahini doesn't turn to concrete on the shelftahini
  • rivers
  • mountain tops
  • hard physical labor, followed by
  • hot shower, followed by
  • healthy food, followed by
  • movie that changes, followed by
  • verbal analysis, followed by
  • cuddling, snuggling, kissing, etc., followed by
  • nap
  • silence
  • solitude
  • cosmology
  • blue skies with cool air with white sunshine
  • hot water
  • cold air
  • any change in weather
  • first light
  • thwarting waste, decay, misunderstanding, filchery
  • useful originality
  • smiles
  • brushing her clean, healthy, dry hair
  • skin
  • eye contact
  • patience
  • persistence
  • birdfeeders
  • uncluttered, light, airy workspace
  • starting something
  • finishing something
  • purpose
  • inspiring people


Gwen said...

That's a nice, long list of things. Interesting that breathing is no. 1. I now have to add "inspiring people" to mine!

Bob Stein said...

Hot damn, I'm "inspired" to steal it. Now this will read as if I thought of it first. If imitation is sincere flattery, then plagiarism moreso.

Chantal said...

Nice list. I should do this some time. It is probably a good exercise on those days when we forget how good life can be. At first blush my list seems short but I am sure once I concentrate it will grow. Thanks for visiting my place.

Bob Stein said...

Thank you, Chantal. My list started much smaller. I can't say what effect it had writing. I feel braver and stupider for having done so. I wonder if children never say what they most want for similar reasons.

I started a list of things I hate. So far it is much shorter and it hasn't used up any bravery at all.

JoJo Zawawi said...

Tahini for sure. The rest are good, too !

Bob Stein said...

Yes! That brand of tahini pictured, Arrowhead Mills, is the only one that doesn't turn to concrete on the shelf. There's no rice dish that tahini doesn't improve. After using it for many years I discovered it's got a lot of iron.