Thursday, June 14, 2018

VisiBone Paper Is Going Off The Air

I have stopped selling VisiBone paper products today to free up resources for another project. That project is called qiki. I think it could be a big deal. It will take some time before I have anything to show that will earn your strong aha. If you'd like to know when I do, then please follow this blog. And watch

VisiBone was a gas. The final tally was 62,060 products to 97 countries. The fan mail was enormously encouraging. I treasure the conversations and the connections. But it always took a lot of time and expense to keep up. I'm simplifying so I can make something better.

Qiki was envisioned as an ultra-slim wikipedia. Brief answers to direct questions. It was going to be the online version of the VisiBone quick reference cheatsheets. But that wasn't enough so it ballooned. Crowdsourced answers to crowdsourced questions. Now Stack Exchange has done a breathtaking job at that kind of thing haven't they? But something is missing before it can go to the next level. It's too siloed and it's too indirect making a living at it. So it ballooned again. I have a guess as to what's next, and I'd like to try it out.

It would be nice to start the Information Age. I see two obstacles. We never really figured out how to pay for information. I believe one day it will be both the joke and the punchline that we called the stuff intellectual property. This isn't anything like turnips or turbofans, information is deeply different.

Second, the challenges at hand require greater energy, wisdom, and integrity than any group can provide today. The biggest corporations and the biggest governments are already suspect, and our disappointment in them is rising. They are not up to tasks that are up front. I don't know how to make it all work, but I have an idea how to find out. That's what qiki will try to do. In very very small beginnings.

Hope you stay tuned.