Friday, May 30, 2008

On Will

I keep thinking how much work, or family life, or any attempt to impose will on the world, is like those guys who demolish buildings by setting charges at strategic places and timings. Except you get to ride the thing down in slow(er) motion. I've probably said this before. As orbit is a perpetuated fall, civilization is a perpetuated crash. Strong determination may influence the outcome, but it definitely makes it more painful. I guess I'm nonetheless addicted to those flashing glimpses of a change in ways I approve.

On Genuine

Tiny, shiny needles of genuine
inlay great, gray haystacks of fake.

On Praise and Condemnation

For a mind ignited and roaring with purpose
neither praise nor condemnation is useless.
The former soothes the winded face in fore.
The latter whitens the thrust in rear
with visions of surprised eyes in wake.